Piano accompaniment

A piano accompaniment service is available for instrumental and vocal candidates undertaking graded examinations at schools and exam centres in South East London.

A music studio with an upright piano can be provided for candidates who do not have access to a piano or other suitable keyboard instrument. At least two rehearsals with an accompanist prior to the exam date are recommended. Sheet music for all pieces requiring piano accompaniment must be provided by the candidate, but please note that photocopies are not acceptable for use in the exam itself. Candidates requiring a music stand are requested to bring their own music stand when visiting the music studio.

Fees for accompanying candidates are available on request and are based on the rehearsal time needed, the time required for traveling to and from the school or exam centre, and the duration of the exam itself.

For further details and all other enquiries relating to the piano accompaniment service, please email Steve at Dulwich Piano Lessons: contact@dulwichpianolessons.com

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